Tulip Group

Who Are We?

Tulip Group is a successful UK-focused private group of companies, which leverages synergies across its specialist property, construction and hotel divisions to its strategic advantage. Growing together, our vision for Tulip Homes is to develop as a private, diversified property group, active in the UK in several sectors, and taking a long term view of markets and our objectives.

Our Story

As the refurbishment of our new building in Gants Hill, London completed, we were busy with managing our tenants to welcome them to our new three floor flat with twelve studios in each floor. At the beginning, we never realised Internet Connection could so very important. We contacted BT and few other ISP’s for the internet connection as per our building design and structure. We were advised to have one router and one internet line for each flat to cover internet connectivity. In theory, we were talking about having twelve routers and twelve internet connections in the building without proper management and with cables everywhere. This is where we were in need of a complete Wi-Fi solution to fit our needs.


How has Planet Solutions Helped Us?

PLANET SOLUTIONS is a London based IT Solutions provider. Established in 1997, it delivers IT solutions throughout the United Kingdom. We came to know about Planet Solutions in West London through a friend’s recommendation. We contacted Planet Solutions and described our current internet concerns and explained our building structure. Without any hesitation, Mr. Kamaran Kakel (Technical Director and IT Consultant) of Planet Solutions gave us an initial idea about the internet solution for the building and arranged to carry out an initial Wi-Fi survey to analyse the building structure in order to plan the exact design. Mr. Kakel advised us to get three fast fibre internet lines for each floor to cover all of the floors and to provide seamless redundancy in case of failure. He also advised to carry out a post installation survey to analyse the wireless coverage and strength. A lot of cabling was required throughout the building for the routers and wireless access points which would have been much easier and less costly if we had involved Planet Solutions before the completion of the building. Now, the main challenge for us and for Planet Solutions was to pull the cables required for the routers and access points with minimal damage to the walls of the building.


Initially, we decided to get one fast fibre internet line and assess the coverage, as we were very much worried about the damage to the building required for the cabling to get three internet lines installed to cover all areas. After the installation of the first internet line, a post installation Wi-Fi survey was carried out by Planet Solutions to analyse the coverage of the internet. Instantly, we confirmed that one internet connection was not sufficient to provide sufficiently to all of the tenants living in the building. Most of the tenants were after a 5-GHz connection for better bandwidth and coverage. Without further delay, we agreed to the initial solutions proposed by Planet Solutions and requested for them to install the required internet line and access points with minimal damage to the building.


Necessary cabling was carried out with very minor damage to the building structure, three internet lines were ordered and installed as well as the required access points. With three internet lines (one for each floor) and twelve access points, we have super-fast fibre with 5-GHz Wi-Fi in each and every corner in the building. Today, while writing this recommendation for Planet Solutions, I am connected with the very same wireless connection, I am very thankful for Planet Solutions and their professional advice and service.