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Remote Maintenance and Support


Planet Solutions provides IT service with not only the software tools but also the Back Office Services to succeed in providing Managed Services. Our unique blend of business enablement services are comprised of a Planet Solutions hosted tool set for Remote Monitoring and Management, a 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and dedicated account management teams to help you grow your business. Planet Solutions has made a significant impact on the Managed Services industry by being the first successful provider to offer both a Remote Monitoring and Management platform with bundled NOC Services.

Our white-labeled services provides you with an opportunity to promote our services in your name. Our Back Office Services provide you the ability to focus on building your client relationships while keeping your total cost of delivery at a minimum.

Planet Solutions’ remote support and troubleshooting services can provide great benefits for those with a limited IT budget. Sophisticated remote access tools and an experienced team of engineers enable Planet Solutions to resolve most IT problems without the time-wasting expense of travelling to your site. In most cases we will be able to give remote support within 24 hours. Our Network Monitoring service is available 7x24x365. By using these services you will be able to start working with your computer again in the shortest possible time. The main services included in 24/7 IT management are

  • 24x7, 365 days a year
  • Phone Call Escalation
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Expert Server Analysis
  • Patch Troubleshooting
  • AV/AS Troubleshooting

Planet Solutions’ Remote Maintenance and Support services operate in the following areas;

24/7 Network Monitoring

Backup and Disaster Recovery

24/7 Network Monitoring

To run a business smoothly it is essential for any organization to have a stable IT Backbone. Most small to medium size businesses cannot afford to have their own IT staff to maintain their IT infrastructure. Planet Solutions’ “24/7 Network Monitoring” is the solution for you. We can monitor and maintain you IT backbone from our office for any IT mishap prevention. IT experts from Planet Solutions will do the job for you remotely at affordable rates.


24/7 IT Management at planet solutions


Planet Solutions boasts in providing the IT support right from the inception of IT infrastructure offering help, advice and answers at every stage until the whole IT setup is completed. These include feasibility study, planning, designing and implementation stage.

Contract based 24/7x365 days Support offering wide benefits and discounts

  • Very low and affordable fee as low as 0.50p/pc/day
  • Automatic OS and Anti-virus fixes and  management
  • Network monitoring
  • Critical Alerts to System Administrators
  • Disaster Recovery and backup include full system restore