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Here at Planet Solutions we have services to monitor, manage and support computer networks and to back up the data and make it available if there is any problem with servers. Computers and computer networks have become essential parts of any corporation. Like any other equipment they need to be maintained, backed up and kept in healthy condition in order to get the best out of them.

Why should I Choose 24/7 Monitoring and Management?


Benefits of 24/7 Monitoring and Management:

Businesses rely on the smooth functioning of their IT equipment to function effectively. For small to medium size businesses who cannot afford to have IT staff in house, it makes economic sense to out source the monitoring and management of their IT activities to Planet Solutions, a company who can provide a world-class service backed by the stability and knowledge of a pool of technical experts. Leaving your IT infrastructure in hands of Planet Solutions means that you will receive proactive IT support, your network will be monitored 24/7 and your server and desktops will be updated with the latest security patches. With our 24/7 monitoring package we also offer free Antivirus for an unlimited number of machines in your network.

  • Low Cost Solution
  • Proactive Network Management
  • Unlimited Remote Support
  • Free Antivirus for Server and Desktops

Unique Features of Planet Solutions 24/7 Network Monitoring and Management:

Software or a machine usually carries out network monitoring services offered by other companies. The uniqueness of our 24/7 Monitoring is that your network will be monitored and maintained 24/7 by a team of highly skilled technical staff allowing your organization to focus on its core-business. Our 24/7 services provide a list of White and Blacklisted patches (critical security patches for Microsoft OS and applications) drawn up after conducting Internet research and testing patches on test beds. Hence we only employ patches, which have been tested on machines in our labs.

  • Humans monitor your network
  • Software/Agents send alerts to our Network Operation Centre
  • Patches tested before installation

Further Information:

Scope of Services

Planet Solutions’ 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance service covers desktops, servers and network devices. Below is the list of tasks, which will be carried out on a routine basis.

RemoteDesktop Management:

Desktops will be maintained through a preventive maintenance service, which is designed to proactively and regularly maintain the most troublesome areas of desktop management such as virus problems, spyware issues and patching. It is highly unobtrusive and performed as a background service. The services performed under Total Desktop Care are:

  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Spyware Management
  • Temporary File/Internet Debris Removal
  • Patch Management

Remote Server Monitoring:

We provide a 24/7 monitoring and analysis based on alerts and early warning data received from the monitoring software installed on the server. Typically any server-monitoring tool generates between 9-20 alerts per day per server. Under Server Monitoring our engineers watch the alerts, analyze them and refer any issues to a Network Operation Centre (NOC) where they are resolved.

With our 24/7 monitoring service our engineers do not need access behind the client’s firewall or to the servers being monitored. The alert analysis is performed using remote diagnostic software permitting the engineers at the NOC to get sufficient diagnostic information to process alerts being received. Server monitoring covers the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis
  • Anti-Virus Monitoring
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Patch Management

Early Warning and Preventive Alerts for:

  • Hardware (memory, disk, RAID & UPS)
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Active Directory
  • Linux
  • Backup System
  • Microsoft Server O/S
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Citrix Metaframe
  • Anti-Virus


Remote Server Management:

This is a complete, 24/7 server monitoring, remediation, and maintenance and management solution. On a best effort basis, our engineers monitor and troubleshoot server problems based on alerts and early warning information received from the software/agent as well as troubleshooting requests received from the client. Remote Server Care covers the following:

  • 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting (on a best effort basis)
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Backup Management
  • Patch Management
  • Service Pack Installation


Early Warning and Preventive Maintenance for:

  • Hardware (memory, disk, RAID and UPS)
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Active Directory
  • Linux
  • Backup systems
  • Microsoft Server O/S
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Citrix Metaframe
  • Anti-Virus

Monitoring of Network Devices

Planet Solutions provides monitoring and troubleshooting of network and hardware devices such as switches, routers, UPSs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:


Planet Solutions now offers the complete comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution (BDR) for Windows based Servers. This solution provides small to medium size businesses with near real-time backups that also includes seamless off-site data storage along with multi-year archiving and fast server virtualization capabilities. Planet Solutions will provide you with Network Area Storage (NAS) device, with its unique functionality it can also be configured to function as a virtual server if needed. This solution will replace management intensive, error-prone tape backups while providing much more.

Planet Solutions IT Services


Planet Solutions provides a wide range of IT services in addition to 24/7 network monitoring and support to enable their clients manage their business efficiently. These include:

  • Remote IT Management
  • On and Off Site Backup Solutions
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • On and Off Site IT Support
  • Networking / Wireless Solutions
  • Backup & Data Recovery
  • Computer Maintenance
  • Digital Security Systems
  • Servers, PC, Laptop, Peripherals
  • Domain and Web Solutions
  • Database and Web Design
  • VoIP Telephony



The cost of our network monitoring starts from as little as £1 per day, and the cost of Backup and Disaster Recovery from as little as and £3 per day per 2 Server.

If you would like to know more about our 24/7 Monitoring and Management package, then please email us for an information pack. You can also contact us by email or phone to discuss any particular needs your business may have.

Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance Details:


Network Monitoring and reporting  


Remote response time

Within 12 hours

On-site   response time

Within 24 hours

Network monitoring (7 x 24 x 365)


Server Availability checks


Service Availability monitoring


Event log monitoring


Back-up log checks


Anti-virus log checks


Monitoring like:


DNS (Domain Name System)


DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)


TS (Terminal Services)






Monitoring custom  performance parameters


Proactive Network Management


Escalation & basic fixes


Server health check and  analysis of key trends


Patch Assessment & management


Service pack updates


Log maintenance (both OS and Exchange)


Virus definition & prevention


Server tuning & cleaning


Reactive Network Support


Telephone support related to server issues or application issues


Remote Priority Response


Onsite Priority Response


PC / Desktop Care


Patch management


Anti-virus checks & scanning


Temporary File Deletion & Machine Cleaning


Spyware Detection & Removal


PC Backup & Monitoring of Backup


Telephone Support


Note: All prices given are in pounds Sterling and are subject to VAT at the current rate.