Who are we?

Our aim is to become a leading global one-stop solutions provider with an emphasis on quality, reliability, professionalism and technological innovation.

PLANET SOLUTIONS is a London based IT Solutions provider. Established in 1997, it delivers IT solutions throughout the United Kingdom.

We are committed to bringing together our skills, expertise, resources and partnerships to provide organizations and users with a complete one-stop solution for all their IT needs, creating value which exceeds their expectations and giving them a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Values:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Respect for people

These values are a way of life for every member of the Planet Solutions team.

Our close links with major manufacturers and suppliers in the UK enable us to offer our clients the best quality and value in IT services. These core services are needed every day by companies that depend on IT for their success.  With a team of fully-trained and committed personnel, in both the technical and sales environments, we have been able to go from strength to strength.

When you need help - and especially when you need it urgently - it is very important to have your own IT solutions provider on-hand. Whether you are upgrading, wishing to install new equipment or software, or are moving to new premises, Planet Solutions can provide you with reliable, qualified, cost-effective IT support, wherever, whenever and whatever your need.

References available upon request