Why Choose Planet Solutions?
  • Planet Solutions entered into partnership with Eljay Engineering (the Lead Partner) in 2008 to meet the growing demand for its services in the UK and expand its portfolio into Europe.
  • The partnership has successfully executed joint projects and provided IT solutions to Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Europe and now has an opportunity to expand into the Middle East market.
  • The London Office has established close links with major manufacturers and suppliers in the UK which enables the company to offer its clients this benefit when providing IT Solutions in UK, Kurdistan/Iraq.
  • Planet Solutions has the technical expertise and product knowledge and is keen to deliver the right products and solutions to support your continued growth.
  • A local branch of Planet Solutions Limited was registered in UK 1997, and Kurdistan / Iraq in 2011, with an office based in London, and Erbil to support and manage local projects more efficiently.
  • To benefit from a dedicated, local services team in London, and Erbil, we can support SMS companies effectively.
  • To operate in Kurdistan region to help and support the regional government and the country to develop their IT industry, this project can lead to an IT solutions provider to support the entire country.